A company with a Past, a Present and a Future.

At Special FX Editions, apart from the state-of-the-art technological equipment and the skilled workforce, we also have something more important which always guarantees the best results: a long-standing and valuable know-how.

Know-how acquired step by step through the foundation, the staffing and the development of Brother & Brother reproductions, a prominent and innovative advertising production company.

A “journey” that has filled us with knowledge, experience and confidence. That was the “base” for the creation of Special FX Editions, a new, dynamic company in which we have “transfused” our excellent technical training and our “thirst” for a perfect aesthetic result.

More specifically, at Special FX Editions, we are proud of our groundbreaking technique in creating tourist cards. Without color exaggerations, the natural beauty of Greece is highlighted in all its greatness!

Finally, as a modern company, we believe in constant evolution and are always searching for new goals. Our immediate plans conclude the addition of new products and photographing more of Greece. At the same time, we are constantly expanding the categories we operate: Card decks, sous-plat and calendars are the products already available.